The victims at Elsa's Target Practice are declarations of incomformity set by high authorities of Iceism. Only Priests, High Priests, Elite Disciples and the Pope can add them. Elsa dictates who she dislikes by using them in her target practice. 

Memorable Target Practice VictimsEdit

Name: Tyler Perry

Issued By: High Priest Juanmaseta

Offence: Making eight Madea movies with that stupid worn out wig and dress. Plus, killing our hope on his lastest film, The Single Mom's Club. 

Punishment: Being anally greeted by Lizzie and Trixie while they both wear a Madea costume. Then, being pushed in Marshmallow's leash while Peggy Hill speaks in Spanish inside. Frozen. 

Name: M. Night Shyamalan

Issued By: High Priest Juanmaseta

Offence: Making his career as a director flop by creating such atrocities as The Last Airbender and After Earth. Frozen.

Punishment: Watching a marathon of all of his films while being gangraped by a collab of the live action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Trixie, Lizzie and the Krang with his eyelids taped to his eyebrows so he can't blink. 

Names: Jonathan Van Tullken, James Gunn, Bob Odenkirk, Steven Brill, Rusty Cundieff, Peter Farelly, Brett Ratner, James Duffy, Patrik Foresberg, Steve Carr, Will Graham, Griffin Dune.

Issued By: High Priest Juanmaseta

Offence: Directing Movie 43. (Elizabeth Banks is not included because she was in The Hunger Games, The LEGO Movie, Catch Me if You Can and Pitch Perfect.)

Punishment: Receiving the one seen in A Clockwork Orange.

Name: Shakira

Issued By: High Priest Juanmaseta

Offence: Completely forgetting about her country, Colombia, the country that nurtured and raised her as a singer.

Punishment: Having Dr. Eugene Porter sit on her face and fart on her mouth while the Krang enter her body through her vagina.