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The worship of the Great Goddess Lizzie, and the other Gods of her plateau. We specialize in adoring and whorshipping the true goddess of everything, Lizzie Samuels. Our main goal is to overcome Kenny and his followers; Maddog, and well, his only follower; and Christopher Eccleston, and his only follower, CamTheWoot. If you would like to join our community, just ask our admin or founder.

  • Olaf- God of Entertainment
  • Lizzie- The Supreme Goddess
  • Hans- Satan and a Total Cunt
  • Kristoff and Sven- The Gods of Everlasting Man/Beast Romance
  • Elsa- Goddess of Ice, Sexiness, and Dominant Incest Lesbians
  • Anna- Goddess of Being Ginger and Submissive Incest Lesbians
Who do you think will prevail in the Great Battle of the Gods?

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